Working mornings Oct/Nov 2019

still a long way to go but the track plan is appearing. In the light of experience one or two spurs have been eliminated due to space constraints and cross overs from outer to inner circuit have not been implemented.

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November HO Freemo set up V2

nov freemo 3

This layout gives the option to run passenger trains from Far Out to North Brook and return, calling at Nomad in both directions. These could be RDC, push-pull or locomotive-hauled. In the case of locomotive-hauled trains these would run around their trains at North Brook.

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American Layouts at the Poole MRS Show, November 2019

Firstly at the Poole and District Model Railway Society show, an On30 layout built to the OTT modular standard by two members of the Gosport American Model Railroad Group.


and then a very nice autumnal switching layout serving a grain silo installation based on Burlington Northern practice.

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Bearwood meet October 2019


This month our FREEMO moduleers are away at Armitage for the weekend. The rest of the group decided to have a working day on the continuous layout, Work commenced on setting the legs/heights of the five new/replacement scenic boards, led by Bob and Richard.

John started laying the cork trackbase, completing board one and starting board two.

The two Ian/Iains started a post mortem and a redesign/upgrade of the wiring on the yard baseboards and the turnout mechanisms.


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Bearwood September meeting

Firstly work commenced on what will become the five scenic baseboards for the club continuous run layout.


whilst on the other side of the hall work was in progress on the day’s Freemo modular set -up


when running commenced there was some interesting power on the continuous run layout.

and some stunning scenery on the Freemo modules


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Bearwood August meet

Freemo Modules – 39 feet in length I think but see the previous post.

Bearwood continuous run layout

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August 2019 Freemo setup

The planned layout is shown below. Trains will run as “turns” from Far Out Yard to Coconut Grove and return. It should be possible to have two trains operating simultaneously.

There are two ways that trains can pass. The first is the run-around track at Coconut Grove. For the second, an outbound train will reverse into Rockville Engine Facility to allow an inbound train to pass.

The outbound train will then emerge and head into Brownville. There is also a passing track at Brownville but this is likely to be too short for the 8-car trains anticipated.

freemo for august


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