June Bearwood meeting 2018

Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple of months, here we should catch up a little.

The Fremo module set up was very popular. Looking at the photographs there is a Lance Mindheim influence in some of the architecture and colours. The new version of the Nomad Depot module made its debut and the Burritos across the track are ace.


the continuous run layout was also busy



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February 2018 meeting at Bearwood

bw feb 18 plan

Module plan for February above and here an example of one of the switch lists used on the day.  Bearwood February JMRI switch list  This list was used by the crew that picked up Train 4 and lists the tasks required, car by car, that the crew need to perform during the return trip between Far Out and North Brook. It takes about 90 to 120 minutes to complete. Great fun but after 2 hours you need a break to cool the brain.

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BW FEB 18 (8)

a big Freemo day, a U shaped layout with three trains active out on the modules or building in the yard. It was the first outing for Tom’s North Brook module set (above)which worked really well in terms of both reliability and operations.

a busy day on the continuous run layout, lots of modern heavy hauling and intermodal traffic and a distinct Canadian atmosphere.



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January 2018 meeting at Bearwood


No FREEMO activity this month, but the continuous run layout was up and running OK. We also had John Levesley’s little On30 inglenook layout 65th Street Pier Cold Store.

We also had a guesting British layout, owned by two of our members. taking advantage of the opportunity to set it up for testing.

Good to have a visitor from the Gosport Group; Bryan Spencer is working locally in Bournemouth so popped in for the day before an evening shift

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Bearwood meeting December 2017

Here are some photos of the large Freemo HO modular layout being set up in advance of a days running.

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The floor plan below didn’t match the day only in that the continuous run layout wasn’t set up.

Dec 2017 module plan



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Our modules at Brockenhurst

These photos were taken just after we had set up, and before the crowds came in. Tom did a brilliant job of pulling it all together and it ran well all day. Brownsville demonstrated what a challenge it is to switch with a six car train if the composition of  cars in the train and the actual car pick ups and set out points conspire to give the operator the worst deal in switching tasks. We operated with switch lists generated by JMRI and when we finished at 4pm; train 9 was just back, train 10 out on the modules approaching Brownsville and train 11 in the yard about to depart for White Rock now train 9 was back.

Thanks to the New Forest Model Railway Society for inviting us and making us so welcome. We had a lot of interest from modellers and visitors alike. Many were intrigued by what we were demonstrating and how it all came together, others were just taken with the American scenes and the sound effects (mainly children with the latter but one older couple asked for a few blasts on the horns to remind them of past times in Canada). Neil’s little HOn3 steamer demonstration was very popular.  It was obvious however that the whole idea of “operations” went straight over the heads of some modellers who came over for a chat – a step to far perhaps?

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Bearwood monthly meeting November 11th 2017


IMG_064311 am, the hall falls silent for two minutes

A busy day, with two Fremo modular setups and the continuous run layout all in action. The first Fremo setup was a dry run for our forthcoming day out at the  New Forest Model Railway Society open day.

The second suite of modules were Vic, David and Richard’s modules, all under development and on test.

In the lounge the team planning to develop the continuous run layout were hard at work.

and here are some stock photos from the day




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Bearwood monthly meeting October 2017

the board

All our visitors are we hope treated like VIPs but it was great to welcome the Regional Vice President David McLaughlin and the Roundhouse Editor (and Regional Renewals Officer) Peter Bowen.

This was a busy meeting with the regular Bearwood continuous run layout in action

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There was also a pretty ambitious fremo modular setup operating

and here was the modular plan on the day

oct mod plan


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